How Dental Sealants Protect Your Child's Smile

We teach our kids how to brush, floss, and practice overall proper oral hygiene. However, sometimes little ones need extra health keeping child smiletheir teeth in top-notch shape, and dental sealants can help.

With dental sealants from Crystal Dental Care here in Crystal, MN, you can put your child on the path to lifelong oral health. Led by family dentist Dr. Kimberlee Murphy, we can apply dental sealants to kids as young as six, and for adults too! Here's what to know about these protective coatings:


What are sealants?

Sealants are thin coatings for your molars, the back teeth that you use primarily for chewing your food. Molars are highly susceptible to tartar, cavities, and decay since they are harder to navigate with a toothbrush and floss. Generally tightly spaced, molars are also a hot spot for buildup of food particles which can develop into bacteria. To combat this, your Crystal, MN, family dentist places sealants on your child's molars to prevent food particles from getting stuck between the spaces in the first place.


How are sealants applied?

First, your family dentist will clean and rinse your child's teeth. Next, she will use an abrasive gel to lightly roughen up the surface, so that the sealants attach securely in place. Once the gel is rinsed off, a special light will be shone on the surface to cure the sealants. The procedure is pain-free and can be done in a single visit, making it perfect for busy parents and squirmy kids!

Taking care of sealants is no different than taking care of your teeth—your kids will simply need to continue to brush and floss like normal and have regular exams and deep cleanings at our Crystal office.


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