How To Handle A Dental Emergency

A dental emergency can cause a hectic, scary situation. Knowing the correct steps to take if confronted with a dental emergency can mean the difference between your dentist being able to save your tooth and losing it altogether. Find out the proper way to handle some common dental emergencies with Dr. Kimberlee Murphy at Crystal Dental Care in Crystal, MN.

Common Dental Emergencies in Crystal, MN

  • Lost/Knocked Out Tooth: If you find yourself with a lost tooth, stay calm and try not to panic. Find the tooth and, holding it by its crown (the top of the tooth), rinse it with water if it is dirty. Do not scrub the tooth or touch its roots. If possible, try to replace the tooth into its socket, but stop if you feel pain or have to force it. Bring the tooth to your dentist’s appointment, storing it in a small container of milk.
  • Dental Abscess: Dental abscesses appear as a lump or pimple-like bump on the gum tissue at the base of a tooth. This condition occurs when the tooth becomes infected and can be very painful and uncomfortable. If you have a dental abscess, swish your mouth with warm, salty water and get into your dentist as soon as possible.
  • Broken Tooth: A broken tooth may occur due to trauma or from decay breaking down the tooth’s structure over time. If you experience a broken tooth, try to save the pieces of the tooth and bring them with you to your dentist’s office. In the meantime, you can swish your mouth with warm saltwater and take over-the-counter pain medication to help with the pain and any swelling which may occur.
  • Cracked Tooth: A cracked tooth normally occurs due to trauma to the tooth, such as biting down on a hard substance. If the crack remains above the gum line, your dentist may be able to repair it with a dental crown. However, if the crack runs underneath the gum line, you may require a more in-depth procedure to preserve the natural structure of your tooth. If you have a cracked tooth, schedule an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible.
  • Chipped Tooth: A chipped tooth, while normally a simple aesthetic problem, can become worrisome if the chip runs underneath the gum line. Otherwise, a chipped tooth does not necessarily require immediate dental attention. Your dentist can repair it using a dental veneer or dental bonding.

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