Give Yourself a Smile You Love

How our cosmetic dentist can rejuvenate your smile!

Many of us have a few things we'd like to change about our smiles. In fact, one-third of people surveyed by international healthcare company Bupa said that they were embarrassed by their smiles. However, thanks to the services and procedures offered by your Crystal, MN, cosmetic dentist, Dr. Kimberlee Murphy, improving your smile has never been easier.


Fill the gaps in your smile with dentures, bridges, or dental implants

Missing teeth can affect your self-esteem, your biting ability, and in some cases, even your ability to speak clearly. In these cases, bridges are an excellent choice if you've lost one or two teeth, while dentures may be a good option if you need to replace all of your teeth. Dental implants, the latest restoration option, can replace any number of missing teeth. The implants bond to your jawbone to serve as synthetic roots and are topped with dental crowns to serve as a complete restoration.


Repair damaged teeth with dental crowns

Crowns offer an excellent option if a piece of your tooth has broken off or your tooth is fragile due to a crack, large filling, or root canal therapy. The restorations slide over teeth that have been reduced in size and are created from an impression of your mouth for an ideal fit. Crowns can also be used to enhance the appearance of oddly shaped teeth or lengthen short teeth.


Whiten your smile with teeth whitening or veneers

Teeth whitening brightens your smile by removing stains that dull your tooth enamel. Whitening only takes about an hour at our Crystal office and provides impressive results that can last several years. If you want a longer-lasting whitening option, consider veneers. Made of porcelain or plastic, veneers cover the fronts of your teeth and are available in a variety of shades of white.


Hide flaws with veneers

Veneers can also be used to conceal imperfections in your tooth enamel. They're frequently used to hide uneven surfaces, cracks, pits, and discolorations. Do you have a tooth that looks a little odd? Whether your tooth is crooked, twisted, pointed, or too short, veneers can revamp your smile.


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