The Importance Of Preventive Care

Some say that “an apple a day keeps the dentist away,” but even if you do take care for your smile you shouldn’t want to stay too far from preventative dentsitryyour dentist. The American Dental Association recommends that you have your teeth checked at least twice per year, which is reasonable. Your dentist can help you with preventive care, but it’s up to you to take the first step. Explore the preventive measures a dentist at Crystal Dental Care in Crystal, MN can take to preserve and protect your smile for many years.

Preventive Care Is Important
The small actions you take now can provide significant benefits for your teeth and gums in the future. For instance, flossing away a small piece of food from between the teeth today can stop the gums from becoming inflamed due to gingivitis down the line. The early detection of dental problems by your dentist (like cavities, enamel erosion, and the early onset of gum disease) is also preventive care. If you want to save money, time, and aggravation that may come with aggressive dental treatments, you’ll understand the importance of preventative measures. 

Types of Preventive Care
Any therapy that your Crystal dentist recommends to stop dental disease in its tracks falls under the umbrella of a preventative treatment. The list of treatments available includes:

- Crowns for teeth that show signs of wear.
- Regular and deep professional dental cleanings.
- Oral examinations and X-rays.
- Bridges or dental implants to fill spaces, to prevent the teeth from moving.
- Dental sealants, usually suggested for children, to prevent cavities.
- Wisdom teeth extractions (they sometimes cause other dental complications).

Preventive Care Benefits
The idea is simple—make a commitment to visit the dentist now for short, easy appointments so that you can avoid more complicated ones later. Compare the cost of a 30-minute professional dental cleaning with the cost of root canal therapy, which may require more than one appointment. The choice is clear. Also, consider the long-term benefits—patients who commit to regular preventive treatments have a better chance of keeping all of their teeth healthy for a lifetime.

See Your Dentist Soon
Once you fully understand the purpose and importance of preventive care, you might be more inspired to visit your dentist for a checkup soon. Call Crystal Dental Care in Crystal, MN today at 763-537-3655 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kimberlee Murphy.

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